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Mango Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream Remove

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  • This Stretch Marks Remover is designed for the stretch marks of mommy before and after the birth.
  • It contains skincare essences and a variety of plant nutrient repair ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the skin and reduce stretch marks and obesity caused by pregnancy.
  • Helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of scars/stretch marks by firming and moisturizing your skin.
  • Keeps skin moisturized, breaks down unwanted fat tissues to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Smooth the skin, improve flabby, dark, coarse skin problems., restore the original smooth and firm state.
  • The stretch mark cream was composed of natural and organic plant extracts, so it’s safe for sensitive and pregnant women.

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Mango Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream Remove

  • Mango Pregnancy Scars Acne or Stretch Marks Removal Cream
  • Stretch Marks Treatment
  • Maternity Repair
  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti Winkles
  • Firming Body Creams


Item Type: Maternity
NET WT: 40g
Model Number: Mango Remove Pregnancy Scars Cream
Ingredient: Herbal

Mango Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream Remove

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Female, Male, Unisex

33 reviews for Mango Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream Remove

  1. Avatar of R***в


    Everything works right shop I like

  2. Avatar of Y***a


    A wonderful tool from # rtopr for. Correction of the figure and reduction of stretch marks. This magic cream helps the worst, or women after delivery to return their former shape of the figure. The cream has a dense consistency, a gentle pleasant aroma of mango, well absorbed without leaving a fat trace. I use the cream every time after taking a shower, massage movements, sometimes I use a scrub. I see an excellent result, a decrease in body volume, some stretch marks disappear, and some become invisible. I recommend to buy.

  3. Avatar of A***a


    Very long delivery, ordered July 2, received September 25.

  4. Avatar of A***a


    The cream comes in a branded opakovka, stocked in mica, on the package the shelf life is indicated. In the kit there is an instruction for use in English. ⠀ Delivery to omska-1 month. Essence came in a regular postal package + air mattress. During transportation, nothing was damaged. Track number was tracked all the way!

  5. Avatar of A***a


    The consistency is pleasant. I rub it into the skin with massaging movements. Quickly absorbed, the skin after application is not sticky, moisturized, soft, velvet. There is an unobtrusive aroma of mango. Volume 40 ml Spent economically, enough for a long time. The composition is good, indicated on the box. The product was packed perfectly, it did not spill during transportation. Delivery to Krasnodar territory was a month. Track number was tracked all the way. I like the cream, it’s my 5th tube, I’m delighted with the quality of the skin with regular use, so I can recommend to buy! There is a huge number of real reviews and orders.

  6. Avatar of P***V


    Seller recommended

  7. Avatar of Customer


    Shipping was very quick. I recommend this product even though I haven’t used it yet .

  8. Avatar of T***g


    Good cream for figure correction. It smells nice, easy consistency and economical consumption. Perfectly prevents the appearance of stretch marks

  9. Avatar of P***p


    Delivered in 3 weeks. The texture of the cream is very gentle, well absorbed and nourishes the skin. After 3 weeks of use, I noticed that the cream significantly increases and strengthens the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Helps reduce existing stretch marks. Helps restore the natural color of the skin. Can be used during pregnancy and after delivery. Removes the feeling of tightness of the skin. Strengthens and increases elasticity. Makes the skin elastic, leaving a feeling of comfort. Tones the skin. I’ll sweat him together with the massage. Cream recommend!

  10. Avatar of M***a


    Wow my goods arrived very quickly. I’m very happy. It’s all in. Packed on conscience. With pleasure I will order more. In addition, I will unsubscribe after use.

  11. Avatar of E***i


    Very good smell

  12. Avatar of S***a


    Helps. Shallow stretch generally invisible steel

  13. Avatar of A***h


    Cream for removing stretch marks, scars from rtopr beautiful store. This cream for skin care, functional application in the presence of scars and scars. The cream is in a branded box sealed in mica. On the box there is all the information about the product and shelf life. The cream is in a tube with a volume of 40gr., in consistency of thick, white color. A small amount of cream I put on the skin, distributed well. The cream does not tighten the skin and leaves no film, but vice versa softens the skin and makes it smooth and supple. I liked the cream, there is nothing to complain about. The store is well done and put a gift, a trifle, but nice!

  14. Avatar of L***r


    The stretch marks cream is in the tube. the tube was in a box on which all the necessary information is applied (shelf life, application, composition, effects and indications). The cream is thick in consistency, but it is easily and quickly distributed over the skin and absorbed. The result: the stretch marks became less noticeable, the skin became more elastic and elastic. But!!! With constant use and in a complex with massage.

  15. Avatar of Customer


    Of course waited a long time, but the result is, very good cream, I recommend!

  16. Avatar of E***a


    It came very quickly, the packing is good, did not communicate with the store .. How to start I will use the feedback. put the probe, thank you very much!

  17. Avatar of Customer


    It was debt

  18. Avatar of Customer


    шёл долгова то

  19. Avatar of D***r


    Excellent tool, I recommend! I had problems with the skin after delivery, after 10 applications I already saw the result! Recommend!!!! Works!

  20. Avatar of M***o


    Order quickly came. The order is satisfied, took as a moisturizing cream for super-dry skin with ichthiosis. Perfectly copes with its task. Gave a probe for the face. Very convenient since much causes allergies. Porobal face cream, approached-now I will order!

  21. Avatar of N***a


    Excellent effective cream. Volume 40g The cream is white, the consistency is dense. Economical consumption. The cream has a pleasant unobtrusive floral fragrance. Moisturizes, nourishes the skin, making it more elastic and elastic with regular use. In the composition: Rose extract, Centella extract Asian.

  22. Avatar of K***a


    I want to present to your attention the cream, as the manufacturer states, it treats stretch marks, increases the elasticity of the skin. In a tube of 40g. The consistency of the cream is thick, when applied, the nutrition of the skin is felt. My attitude to such creams is ambiguous… They have a place to be, no doubt. But good lotion/body cream can quite cope with this task, the main thing is to start using on time. By itself, stretch marks are just a cosmetic defect, aesthetic. Some don’t get rid of them at all. But usually they do if they are not enough. Which is especially offensive for fans of sunbathing-they are better visible from sunburn. The reasons for this attack are a bunch-and even hereditary predisposition. Another moment, if the stretch marks have been for many years, already the cream will not help. So, my strategy is regular exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin in any season and time of year will do their job! And the product is from stretch marks-an advertising move. But this does not mean that this cream will not help.

  23. Avatar of K***a


    Wonderful cream. The consistency is light, with a pleasant aroma. Absorbed instantly. Perfectly moisturizes the skin. I use as a body care cream. I like it very much. I did not cause allergies. Packing factory. Delivery 3 weeks.

  24. Avatar of Z***s


    From stretch marks helps, but it is better to take more than one tube

  25. Avatar of L***a


    Delivery fast, excellent, I recommend.

  26. Avatar of A***o


    The cream is refreshing and not greasy, it is easy to spread, there is a light fragrance, and there is no irritation when applied. I apply it once a day before going to bed, and it has faded a lot now, and I believe it can be eliminated by long-term use. Will repurchase, recommend.

  27. Avatar of T***a


    I like the cream, it cares well and nourishes the skin. It smells nice, quickly absorbed, does not leave stickiness. Shipping fast with tracking track

  28. Avatar of L***a


    I did not expect such fast delivery, but even before the doors. In the package was a gift from the store. I will use the cream, I will write a review about it after.

  29. Avatar of A***a


    Good and effective cream. I had stretch marks on my hips and stomach after delivery. Therefore, for me, the question of their clarification has become acute. After regular use of the cream, the stretch marks became visually less visible. The smell of the cream is not sharp, it smells nice with a rose, quickly weathered. The result of use I was satisfied, suitable for new and old stretch marks! Also, I recommend taking note of future moms and use to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Delivery to the Moscow region is a month, it came packed in a reliable Pu bag. Track tracked. To buy I recommend!

  30. Avatar of V***a


    I take it for the second time. Texture, smell, delivery at altitude

  31. Avatar of I***G


    Средство для упругости и гладкости кожи использую ежедневно, нанося лёгкими массажными движениями. Кожа увлажненная и более эластичная, это факт. Привлек состав и отзыв знакомой девочки. Что для меня плюс в этом средстве, это то, что оно не имеет аромата и очень экономичное. Рекомендую.

  32. Avatar of K***a


    Хочу представить вашему вниманию крем, как заявляет производитель, он лечит растяжки, повышает эластичность кожи. В тюбике 40г. Консистенция крема густая, при применении ощущается питание кожи. Моё отношение к таким кремам неоднозначно… они имеют место быть, несомненно. Но хороший лосьен/крем для тела вполне может справиться с этой задачей, главное вовремя начать использовать. Сами по себе растяжки это всего лишь косметический дефект, эстетический. Некоторые не избавляются от них вовсе. Но обычно так делают если их мало. Что особенно обидно для любителей позагорать – они лучше видны от загара. Причин появления этой напасти куча – и даже наследственная предрасположенность. Ещё момент, если растяжкам уже много лет, уже крема не помогут. Так что, моя стратегия – регулярное отшелушивание и увлажнение кожи в любой сезон и время года сделают своё дело! А средство именно от растяжек – рекламный ход. Но это не значит, что этот крем не поможет.

  33. Avatar of M***m


    this is my first apply I hope it’s work

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