Guide to Use a Drill Auger Bit for Planting

Guide To Use a Drill Auger Bit for Planting

Smart and Cool Stuff provides a garden auger spiral drill bit for planting new seeds and plants. You can easily plant seasonal seeds with this spiral drill bit. The drill auger is designed with an upgraded bit having more spirals to ensure the digging of the holes in gardening. You can see spirals on the solid shaft to boost the efficiency of gardening more than traditional hole digging. The planting drill auger is made of high-quality steel with a coating of black paint to extend the shelf life of the auger. There are some other reasons to use a drill auger bit for planting annual flowers, vegetables, perennials, and bulbs.

  • Planting summer, spring, and fall bulbs

When you dig with traditional hand tools like pronged rakes or shears, this becomes a difficult task to dig deep into the hard or rocky soil. Due to this, Smart and Cool Stuff provides auger spiral drill bits for planting summer, spring, and fall bulbs. You can easily and quickly create patterns to plant fall bulbs in the soil.

  • Planting vegetable plants

Vegetable plants need more space in the soil to grow further. Due to this, you need to use wide bits for drilling deep into the soil. After digging deep, you can fill the space of the planting hole with compost. This process gives an added advantage to you as your vegetable plants grow in fertile soil and plenty of loose space helps in expanding the roots of vegetables. You can easily manage the holes by digging with drill auger bits.

  • Annual flowers plantation

You can create a mixture of potting at your home by mixing compost, perlite, and soil with the help of drill auger bits. This mixture makes gardening easier as you can easily plant seeds in this top-quality soil. Due to this, drill auger bits with additional spirals are an excellent tool for mixing soil. With the help of highly rich composting soil, you can easily plant flowers all year round. Drill auger bits from Smart and Cool Stuff are useful tools for creating holes in flowerbeds. You can dig the holes deeper and compost them into the soil. This will help in the growth of the roots quickly.

  • Perennials

The auger bits may be very helpful, depending on the size of the perennials you are transplanting in your garden. The small broad auger is required in gardening that helps you in transplanting seedlings and drilling potted plant holes. However, you can use the auger bit at the bottom of the hole to loosen the soil, even if you are transplanting seeds and perennials into larger holes. Sometimes, the soil becomes tough for drilling. This makes the roots of the seeds grow further. To combat this situation, Smart and Cool Stuff provides an auger spiral drill bit to loosen the soil.


Smart and Cool Stuff offers a garden auger spiral drill bit for planting that will work even on tough and rocky soils. This tool is made with high-quality steel that helps to plant flowers, vegetables, and bulbs of different sizes.

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